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Mobile Legends Hack – Diamonds, Battle Points and Tickets Hack 2018

If you are looking for a role-playing online game that has the capability to keep you busy for several months, then you should check out this game and our Mobile Legends hack. Avid fans of LOL and DOTA find Mobile Legends much better in terms of designing, gameplay, and controls. The game consists of three gaming modes and you can select the one that suits your preferences. So, get ready to build a powerful team and make it reach the top of the league in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game.

Mobile Legends Hack 2018

Developed by Moonton, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game is an entertaining multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). You can either play the game by joining a guild or play alone to match with 5v5 MOBA against human opponents. Your main motive in the game is to build a powerful team of heroes and rule the world and our Mobile Legends Hack are ready to help you. Discussed below are some important elements of the game that have made the game interesting and worth playing:


There are more than 50 different types of Heroes in Mobile Legends game. All of them can be controlled by you, and their main purpose is to fight in the battlefield. Some Heroes are freely available in the game, while others can be purchased by spending Battle Points, Diamonds, or Tickets.

You will have to even purchase Skins for your Heroes. These can be bought with Diamonds which can be generated with Mobile Legends Cheats 2018. There are various Skins accessible in the game. Depending on your preferences, you can buy one. Skins can even be acquired by spinning the Lucky Wheel. Each Hero has certain strengths and weaknesses. You need to research well on each of them so that you can use their abilities properly at the right time. Heroes are further classified into groups, which are based on their play style as well as primary stats.

  • Tank Category: Some of the examples are Hylos, Hilda, Balmond, Akai, etc.
  • Fighter Category: Chou, Sun, Bane, Freya, etc. fall under this category.
  • Assassin Category: Hayabusa, Karina, Saber, Fanny, etc. are some examples of Assassin category.
  • Mage Category: Alice, Nana, Kagura, Gord, etc. fall under this category.
  • Marksman Category: Layla, Miya, Bruno, Moskov, etc. are some of its examples.
  • Support Category: Nana, Lolita, Diggie, Estes, etc. belong to the Support category.


Gears are important in-game items that can be purchased by a Hero. You can buy gear as and when you require in the game. So, if you feel that you are lacking a weapon in the midst of the battle, then you can buy it instantly from the game shop. Gears are classified into five broad categories, which are Attack Gear, Magic Gear, Defense Gear, Movement Gear, and Jungle Gear. Each gear category provides different uses. For instance, Movement Gear will make your gaming character move faster whereas Jungle Gear will help you in killing the jungle monsters easily. Some examples of various gears that can be purchased in the game are magic shoes, warrior boots, beast killer, cursed helmet, elegant gem, etc.

In-Game Currencies:


The two most important in-game currencies of Mobile Legends are Battle Points and Diamonds which can be received with our Mobile Legends Hack. In the beginning of the game, you will be provided with certain amount of Battle Points. These can be used for purchasing your first hero. As you keep progressing in the game, you will be able to earn in-game currencies.

Some of the ways to earn Battle Points are by completing missions and quests. Completion of each successful level will reward you with few Battle Points. Participating in a match will also make you earn them. However, the best method to earn them in huge amounts is by using hacks.

You need to earn Diamonds for buying premium items in the game, that’s why people call this as a nice feature of our Mobile Legends Hack Cheats. These items cannot be purchased through any other means in the game. To earn Diamonds, you will have to win consecutive battles as well as arena contests. Some players prefer buying Diamonds with real world money. However, you can even opt for using hacking tools rather than spending real money.

Other than Diamonds and Battle Points, Tickets and Coins are secondary currencies of the game. The only way to earn Tickets is by playing jigsaw puzzles or just by using Mobile Legends Hack Cheats. You can redeem the Tickets to buy some special items from the game shop.

Coins can be earned in the game by playing several battles. When you destroy certain number of enemies, you can earn Coins. Several kinds of arms, ammunitions, and power ups can be bought with Coins.

In short, the in-game currencies are extremely vital in Mobile Legends game for buying several resources and to achieve success in the game. Earning them is not easy at all! So, it is advisable to use them wisely by purchasing only those things that are required. Upgrading should also be performed carefully as wasting money on them won’t be useful.


Emblems can add stats to your gaming Heroes, so you need to select the right emblem for your character. At the moment, there are eight types of Emblems accessible in the game. These are – Fighter, Physical, Magic, Roamer, Jungle, Physical Assassin, Tank, and Magic Assassin. Some of the stats that Emblem provides are cool down reduction, magic power, health points, attack speed, hybrid penetration, movement speed, etc. You can upgrade the Emblem by spending Battle Points.

Unlocking Chests:

You can earn several goodies by unlocking various Chests. There are two types of Chests available in the game, which are Free Chests and Medal Chests. Medal Chests contains more freebies in comparison to Free Chests. A few resources that you earn in chests are XP, Magic Dust, Battle Points, Emblems, etc. To earn a chest, you have to daily login to the game and to unlock it, you have to win two consecutive PvP matches. So, play numerous matches in the game for earning several goodies as rewards.

Mobile Legends is an engrossing online game, which can be played on all types of Android and iOS devices. Beautiful graphics, user-friendly interface, innumerable heroes, gears, chests, and many more aspects will keep you hooked to your screens. Some of the features that have contributed towards its growing popularity are mentioned below:

Assisted Interface:

The assisted operating feature will let you connect to the game in situations when there is a drop in your Internet connection. Usually, when the WIFI becomes unstable, your game can suffer. In such circumstances, the assisted interface will control your gaming character temporarily so that the performance of your team does not get affected. Moreover, it will try to reconnect you back into the game.

Simple Controls:

Controlling Mobile Legends game is very easy! You do not require hours of practice or training for managing your gaming character. The movements of your Heroes can be easily controlled by using two fingers. One touch can manage the movement of your gaming character whereas the other one can be used to manage the action. A new gamer can effortlessly understand and control the game in no time. Easy and simple controls have made Mobile Legends one of the most widely played online game across the world.

Tutorial Will Help:

It does not matter if you have never played MOBA as Mobile Legends is a simple game, which can be easily played by a novice. The game begins with a tutorial that will teach the controls and aim of the game in detail. If you are worrying about which gears will match with your heroes, then relax! The game has a hero’s equipment presets, which will solve all your worries.

To conclude, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game can keep you hooked to your gaming devices as it offers variety of playable heroes, equipments, resources, and intense gameplay. Easy controls that are optimized for touchscreen devices can make gamers ready for a match in no time. So, get ready for some real action by using Mobile Legends hack!

Mobile Legends Hack


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